MobilePet Online

Pet Breads Edit

Red Text = Premium

  • Cat

Black Cat - 599 FunCoins

Maine Cat

Red Tabby Cat

Russian Blue

Tabby Cat

White Tabby Cat

  • Dog


Black Lab

Chocolate Lab


Labrador Retriever

Nacho Chihuahua - 599 FunCoins

Pit Bull

Puppy Love - 599 FunCoins

  • Dragon

Green Dragon - 1499 FunCoins

Rock Dragon - 1499 FunCoins

  • Fish

Blue Betta - 599 FunCoins

Goldfish - 499 FunCoins

Red Betta - 599 FunCoins

  • Rabbit

Black Netherlands Dwarf

Blue Netherlands Dwarf

Brown Netherlands Dwarf

Cream Netherlands Dwarf

Easter Bunny - 599 FunCoins

Light Brown Netherlands Dwarf

White Netherlands Dwarf

  • Rock

Pet Rock - 999 FunCoins

Training Edit

You can take 1 class per pet every 24 Hours and earn 5TP.

Pet Skils Edit

  • Cat

Lv00 Marathon Running - 5TP

Lv00 Sunbeam Harvesting

Lv05 Feline Idol

Lv05 Jumping

Lv10 Gardening

Lv15 Mousing

Lv30 Yarn Batting

  • Dog

Lv00 Marathon Running - 5TP

Lv00 Garden Digging - 10TP

Lv05 Playing Cards - 15TP

Lv05 Speaking - 15TP

Lv10 Swimming - 30TP

Lv15 Guarding - 60TP

Lv30 Tug-Of-War - 120TP

  • Dragon

Lv00 Marathon Running - 5TP

Lv00 BBQ - 10TP

Lv05 Soaring - 15TP

  • Fish

Lv00 Marathon Running - 5TP

Lv00 Hook Evasion

Lv05 Treasure Hunt

Lv05 Jumping

Lv10 Swimming

Lv15 Gaming

  • Rabbit

Lv00 Marathon Running - 5TP

Lv00 Garden Digging

Lv05 Tea Party

Lv05 Jumping

Lv10 Gardening

Lv15 Magic

  • Rock

Lv00 Marathon Running - 5TP

Lv00 Garden Digging

Lv05 Rock/Paper/Scissors

Lv05 Paperweight

Lv10 Swimming

Lv 30 hatching

Game Trophies Edit

Mopeton StudiousStudious – 5 Points

Awarded for completing 5 Classes with a MobilePet

Mopeton Getting OutGetting Out - 5 Points

Awarded for 100 Successful Play Dates

Mopeton Animal ControlAnimal Control - 5 Points

Awarded for successfully searching for a missing pet.

Mopeton Proud ParentProud Parent - 5 Points

Awarded when your pet reaches MobilePet Level 3

Mopeton Sweet TreatsSweet Treats - 5 Points

Awarded for giving 100 Treats

Mopeton Looking AroundLooking Around - 5 Points

Awarded for visiting 50 different MobilePets

Mopeton BookwormBookworm - 10 Points

Awarded for completing 10 Classes with a MobilePet

Mopeton Noble NeighborNoble Neighbor - 10 Points

Awarded for 500 Successful Play Dates

Mopeton Role ModelRole Model - 10 Points

Awarded when your pet reaches MobilePet Level 10

Mopeton Pet RescuerPet Rescuer - 10 Points

Awarded for Returning 15 Lost Pets

Mopeton NannyNanny - 10 Points

Awarded for PetSitting for 20 Days

Mopeton Well RestedWell Rested - 10 Points

Awarded for Putting your Pet to Bed 7 nights in a row, before it gets tired!

Mopeton No Tricks HereNo Tricks Here - 10 Points

Awarded for giving 500 Treats

Mopeton Wandering SoulWandering Soul - 10 Points

Awarded for visiting 100 different MobilePets

Mopeton Honor StudentHonor Student - 15 Points

Awarded for completing 25 Classes with a MobilePet

Mopeton Leader of the PackLeader of the Pack - 15 Points

Awarded for 1000 Successful Play Dates

Mopeton All Grown upAll Grown up - 15 Points

Awarded when your pet reaches MobilePet Level 20

Mopeton Always WelcomeAlways Welcome - 15 Points

Awarded for giving 1000 Treats

Mopeton Friend FinderFriend Finder - 15 Points

Awarded for visiting 200 different MobilePets

Mopeton Teachers PetTeachers Pet - 20 Points

Awarded for completing 55 Classes with a MobilePet

Mopeton What are you waiting for?What are you waiting for? - 20 Points

Awarded for having 60 unspent Training Points.

Mopeton Talk of the TownTalk of the Town - 20 Points

Awarded for 5000 Successful Play Dates

Mopeton Mi Pet e tu PetMi Pet e tu Pet - 20 Points

Awarded for giving 5000 Treats

Mopeton Pets Ahoy!Pets Ahoy! - 20 Points

Awarded for visiting 400 different MobilePets

Mopeton Good NeighborGood Neighbor - 25 Points

Awarded for visiting 800 different MobilePets

Mopeton Jack of All TradesJack of All Trades - 30 Points

Awarded for Training a MobilePet in all available Skills

Mopeton Popular PetPopular Pet - 30 Points

Awarded for 10000 Successful Play Dates

Mopeton Labra-cabardaLabra-cabarda - 30 Points

Awarded for reaching level 20 with all three breeds of Labradors

Mopeton Snack PartySnack Party - 30 Points

Awarded for giving 10000 Treats

Mopeton Welcome WagonWelcome Wagon - 30 Points

Awarded for visiting 1500 different MobilePets

Mopeton Community ConnoisseurCommunity Connoisseur - 35 Points

Awarded for visiting 2500 different MobilePets

Mopeton MobilePet PartyMobilePet Party - 40 Points

Awarded for 50000 Successful Play Dates

Mopeton MobilePet ManiacMobilePet Maniac - 40 Points

Awarded for giving 50000 Treats