"What are you looking for?" asks the cashier.

This is the store where you can buy costumes for Hallofun. The current list of catorgories are

Basic Costumes
For Gentlemen
Modern Costumes
Old Fashioned
Medical Professionals

In Basic Costumes are what it sais, basic costumes. These costumes are the three you get to choose when you start Halofun.

"You can't go wrong with these! They're Chickentastic!"
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The three costumes are ghost,blob, and robot all   5000 CP

The next catorgory is spooktacular which is the newest catorgory. 

"These are for roosters with discerning tastes," Mr. Chicken squawks.
Vampire "Watch out for garlic if you're wearing this one!"

  • Vampire Cape 149 FunCoins
  • Vampire Shirt 149 FunCoins

Warlock "I can't guarantee your magic will work, but you'll look great in this!"

  • Warlock Hat 149 FunCoins

Warlock Cloak 199 FunCoins

Zombie "There's nothing scarier than an undead chicken! Bwaaakkk!"

  • Zombie Infected Mask 99 FunCoins
  • Zombie Ravenous Mask 99 FunCoins
  • Zombie Shirt 149 FunCoins

Ninja "Strike silently. Strike swiftly. Eat more beef!"

  • Ninja Mask 99 FunCoins
  • Ninja Pants 99 FunCoins
  • Ninja Boots 99 FunCoins
  • Ninja Shirt 149 FunCoins